Our Team

Dogbey Setor Bright (FOUNDER / CEO )

Bright is a Ghanaian and doubles as the Founder and President of Hope Restoration Network (HRN), which is a non-profit organization. The idea for such a relevant organization was conceptualized in August 2012 during his National Service days faraway in Anakum in the Wasa-Amenfi District of the Western Region.

Bright is a product of Takoradi Polytechnic with second Class Upper in Automobile Engineering, where he served as the President of Polytechnic Engineering Students Association of Ghana from 2010 to 2011. In the same year, he also served as the Ambassador of Ghana Institute of Engineers (Gh.IE) in his alma mater. He was later elected as the President of the National Service Personnel’s from 2011 to 2012..

Currently, he is reading Applied Electronics and System Engineering in Regent University in the Greater-Accra Region. During his stay in the above-mentioned locality (Anakum), he realized the unbearable harsh conditions of life these inhabitants have always had to deal with. These persons are predominantly farmers, who are not even making much from their harvests. Almost always, post-harvest losses are evident from year to year. This has made them short-sighted not because they lag behind with opportunities but instead, opportunities are in excess and only require some positive form of push to serve as a catalyst to activate, and cause manifestations of these plethora of opportunities to become evident in their lives.

The terrifying conditions of these inhabitants are such that, a unit force of advocacy, dedication, and forfeiture of selfless and benevolent individuals with varying expertise and capacity are needed on board to serve as a requisite model and strategy to aid these less privileged persons across the country. These and many more characterized the birth of Hope Restoration Network.

Frank Dankyi Osei (Project Director, HRN)

Frank Dankyi Osei is an astute banker with over 8years banking experience. His experience spans across Microfinance, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Trade Finance. He has worked with Institutions such as United Savings and Loans, Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Ltd and now works with the Corporate Banking department of Universal Merchant Bank.

Frank hold an MBA in Project Management from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of Ghana

He comes from a humble background having struggled to achieve his current feats. He has great love for development of children and youth.


Christopher Larbi is a young man of modest disposition, committed to the guiding principles of the bible. He is a peer educator; bring hope and enlightenment to the many underprivileged in society, providing mentorship and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Mr. Chris Larbi had his high school education at Bishop Herman College, and just had his Bachelor of Social Sciences (Geography and sociology) at University of Cape Coast (UCC).

He is also the Executive director of Youth Avocation Network Ghana and was the President of Oguaa Hall Christian Council, University of Cape Coast (UCC).