What We Do

We pursue the most critical development indices like child education, innovative healthcare and livelihood.

We engage Social Venture Philanthropy model by working hand in hand with organizations’, building capacities, giving strategic directions, sharing resources and knowledge, accountability, sustainability.

We build trust and credibility with all stakeholders.

We form alliances with the government, national and international institutions, bilateral and multilateral organizations’ to share resources and knowledge, and to complement and supplement the efforts of these institutions

We engage the corporate sector in the welfare initiatives by linking their business competitiveness and social contributions, wherever befitting, to make the engagement sustainable

We sensitizes the privileged citizens including opinion makers, mass media and to encourage them to participate in the civic driven change through various forms of engagement

We promote and imbibe social sensibility among youth and privileged children to help them emerge as responsible citizens and also participate in Civic Driven Change

We develop a management bandwidth which can not only support the broad vision of the organization but also will strive for excellence, innovation and institution building