Our History

Established in 2012, Hope Restoration Network (HRN) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works with deprived communities to holistically address issues affecting their livelihood, education and health. The founder Mr. Dogbey Setor Bright, started the organisation in partnership with Anakum community based on strong convictions to lift the people out of vulnerability and poverty.

Bright had a very tough time growing up as a youth and it took the grace of God for him to have made it this far. Circumstances he went through were things he earlier thought were fiction and only happened in movies. This brought him to the realization that there are several other children out there going through similar circumstances but might not be lucky as he was hence the need to rescue them.

In 2011, Mr. Bright Setor Dogbey was priviledged to serve the people of Wasa Amenfi as the President of the National Service Personnel Association of Ghana for that District. Not only was he touched by the love and oneness that existed in the District but was mostly saddened by the needs of the District and its communities. He therefore developed a great desire to restore Hope to the people within the district, especially in the areas of Education, Health and Trade. Mr. Dogbey Setor Bright has lived his life with strong principles surrounding the need to give back to the community that he was posted to for his national service.

As the founder of this reputable non-profit making organization, his intentions and focus has been to give Hope back to the less privileged in the society in whichever form possible especially for children who are considered the most vulnerable in the district. The ultimate goal is to touch lives and restore confidence in the people who feel so marginalized in the development of the country.

His motives and inspirations are the challenges some of them have experienced over the years and this gives him the drive to believe and be more certained about the pain, torture and misery most of this less privileged both adults and children are having to deal with across the length and breadth of Ghana, Africa and the world as a whole.

Bright believes that the people of Wasa have the ability to become agents of change in their own socio-economic development. He appreciates the fact that the people of Wasa have answers to their poverty situations if only they could receive certain infrastructure and educational support to bring out their potentials. This he believes could be achieved through partnerships with the community, individuals, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

“I am proud to be the founder of Hope Restoration Network” a dream I have lived for and followed with my heart and I believe with your support, we can make it happen” says Bright